On top of our usual term time exploits, we have a trip of some descriptiong during each vacation. Precise details of each trip will be circulated nearer the time, along with information on how to book on to the trip.

Winter Walking

Seen by many to be the highlight of the OUSGG calendar, Winter Walking takes place over New Year. We book out a hut somewhere near some mountains, and spend a week walking and partying. We usually have several walks running each day, catering for everyone. So whether you're the next Sir Edmund Hillary, or whether you just want to spend the days walking between tea shops, you won't feel left out!

But Winter Walking isn't just about the walking and the tea shops. It's also about getting to know the other members of the group and having a really good time. There's also the banquet on New Year's Eve to look forward to, followed by seeing the New Year in unique OUSGG style. New Year with OUSGG is definitely an experience you won't want to miss.

There's no obligation to come for the whole week, so if you just want to come for a night or two, then that's fine by us.

The 2012/2013 Winter Walking will be taking place from 29th December 2012 to 3rd January 2013, probably in the Pennines (more details to follow!). For more information, please contact:

Easter Activity

Easter Activity is a varied affair. It can be anything from a day out in the local countryside to a couple of days camping. Recently, we've been to Thorpe Park, stayed in the New Forest, visited a couple of castles, and got up to a whole host of other things.

Easter Activity is often seen as a slightly lighter alternative to Winter Walking, so if you failed to make it along to Winter Walking, then Easter Activity is another good way of getting to know the other members of a group.

If you want a break from revision over the Easter vacation, then Easter Activity is for you. So make sure you don't miss out!

Summer Trip

Summer Trip is the perfect way to finish up the Academic Year. Like Easter Activity, it varies a lot from year to year, and we've been everywhere from Milan to Amsterdam. We've even spent a week boating in the South of France.

Oxford summer's are almost 4 months long, and there's no finer way to fill some of that time than exploring the world with OUSGG. Can you think of a better way to forget about exams? We can't!