Trinity 2002 - Termcard

1st Week

Monday, 20:00 - St Giles

The Interceptor - Wide Game: Evade the dastardly interceptors as you attempt to find the mysterious "Doggy" and his Jelly Baby hoard.

2nd Week

Monday, 19:00 - St John's College Sports Ground

Softball and BBQ: Hit the ball and run, it couldn't be simpler. While you're waiting to bat you can even munch on a burger or two - fantastic.

3rd Week

Monday, 17:30 - The Lamb and Flag

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespearean comedy at the home of the RSC - Stratford. The best seats left in the house for just ten pounds (normally at least twenty). Maximum transport cost five pounds. Booking required.

4th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

Canoeing: The 22nd Oxford Scouts have kindly said they will organise some canoeing for us, they still need to sort out the details though. This event may swap with Sixth Week.

5th Week

Monday, 19:00 - Youlbury

Campfire Cooking: Whether you want to toast marshmallows, make dampers or refresh a few backwoods skills we'll be cooking over real wood fires. We may well play an old favourite - Ultimate Frisbee - as well.

6th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

Top Secret Teamwork Training Game: Okay, any excuse to use coloured pens, pencils, scissors and glue while pretending we're doing something worthwhile. There may even be a prize.

7th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

Video Mania: Fancy yourself as the next Martin Scorsese? Always wanted to be a screen idol? Here's your chance. Use one of the ideas provided or one of your own to make ten minutes of cinematic history.

8th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

AGM and Termly Meal: Term will be drawing to an end, prostrate finalists will be littering th streets and OUSGG will be holding its last meeting of the year so come along - it'll be fun.

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