Michaelmas 2005 - Termcard

1st Week

Monday, 20:30 - St John's College

Freshers' Meeting: Special Introductory evening - find out more about our society and eat free chocolate cake!

2nd Week

Monday, 20:00 - St Peter's College

Quiz Night: Get to know each other over trivia rounds and silly tasks.

3rd Week

Monday, 19:30 - St John's College

Ready Steady Cook: An old favourite from venture scouting. Concoct a meal from the contents of your unlabelled tins, with the help of some stock-cupboard ingredients.

4th Week

Monday, 19:30 - St Aldates Church

Bonfire and Fireworks Night: Time to escape the sights and sounds of the city for the explosions of fireworks and a campfire. Bring toppings for jacket potatoes, and train up your voice for some singing

5th Week

Monday, 20:00 - Little Clarendon Street

Night Hike: This week we'll be leaving the city in the opposite direction for a walk across the meadow to the pub. Walking boots shouldn't be necessary, but bring bus money for the ride home.

Saturday, 11:00 - To Be Confirmed

Freshers' Ramble: Chance to stretch your legs and see some Oxfordshire countryside.

6th Week

Monday, 19:00 - St Hugh's

Fencing: A lesson from some of the members of Oxford University Fencing Club.

Saturday, 07:20 - Oxford Train Station

Long Walk: A 20-25 mile walk around the Banbury area in preperation for the Tour de Trigs - although those not doing it are perfectly welcome too - we need the company!

7th Week

Monday, 17:45 - The Lamb and Flag

Javanese Gamalan: A large percussion instrument set for several people. A very rare oppurtunity as there are only a few in the country! Come along to see and join in. Note: You will have to take your shoes off!

8th Week

Monday, 19:30 - Queens' College

TGM and Termly Dinner: This is where we round off the business of the term and head to a local restaurant to enjoy a meal together

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