Michaelmas 2002 - Termcard

1st Week

Monday, 20:15 - St John's College

Freshers' Meeting: Come and eat chocolate cake and drink tea (or alternative hot or cold beverages) and meet us. Oh, and see your hi-tech, no-expenses-spared freshers' presentation to see what OUSGG is about.

2nd Week

Monday, 20:00 - Keble College

Quiz Night: Come to compete for your choice of a holiday or a family car ... Well maybe not, but at least come to test your trivia before it's squeezed out of you by your tutors, and perhaps win some multi-coloured, person shaped, fruit flavoured confectionary as your prize!

3rd Week

Monday, 20:00 - St Peter's College

Wine Tasting: Ever wanted to choose wine other than by price or the picture on the label? Well come and find out how: fine wines, and a guy who knows about them! Non-drinkers welcome.

4th Week

Monday, 19:30 - St Aldates

Bonfire and Fireworks Night: Remember, remember the FOURTH of November cos it's the OUSGG bonfire and Youlbury Scout campsite. Fireworks, baked potatoes, marshmallows and transport to Youlbury provided.

5th Week

Monday, 19:30 - Keble College

Murder Mystery: In the city of Inspector Morse, we challenge you to find the murderer in your midst! Costumes optional, theme to be confirmed.

6th Week

Monday, 19:00 - St Aldates

Night Hike: Spend the evening getting lost in Oxfordshire, then end up at Youlbury with a blazing fire, soup, potatoes and the promise of further multi-coloured, person shaped, fruit flavoured confectionary as your prize! Suitable for walkers/navigators of all (or no!) abilities.

7th Week

Monday, 18:45 - Queen's College

Climbing: Well, with Alison in charge, it was inevitable. come and transfer your energy to the vertical motion at the Oxford Brookes climbing wall. Meet outside Queen's College for a 30 minute walk, or catch the bus. Oh and the bar there is one of the cheapest in Oxford!

8th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

AGM and Termly Meal: Come and discuss the intricate workings of OUSGG, and finish of the term in stle with a meal at a yet-to-be-decided-but-appealing-to-all-tastes restaurant.

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