Hilary 2012 - Termcard

1st Week

Monday, 19:30 - Mitre

Welcome Back: A pub trip to start the term!

2nd Week

Monday, 19:00 - St John's

Safari Supper: A meal spread out across Oxford. We'll have starter's in St John's, before going to Magdalen for a delicious main course, followed by a trip to - where else? - G&D's for dessert!

3rd Week

Monday, 19:00 - Wheatsheaf

Oxford Imps: A trip to the Oxford Imps, an improvised comedy group.

4th Week

Monday, 19:30 - Regent's Park College

Quiz to end all quizzes: The ultimate pub quiz - come and test your general knowledge!

5th Week

Monday, 19:30 - Carfax

Wide Game: A mystery wide game. Ensure you dress suitably for the weather, and bring a pen!

6th Week

Monday, 19:30 - St John's Lodge

Pancakes: Pancake night is tomorrow night for most people but since everyone like Pancakes we're having them tonight as well. It's also the traditional birthday [like the Queen's summer birthday] of our mascot Erik, a Giant Panda. Bring your favourite topping or toppings to have or to share and it should be a good night.

7th Week

Monday, 19:30 - Magdalen College

Film Night: We'll be hosting a film night. Bring popcorn, and any films you might like to watch.

8th Week

Monday, 19:00 - St John's

TGM & Meal: Our termly general meeting followed by a deserved meal at GBK, the burger place at 8pm.

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