Hilary 2004 - Termcard

1st Week

Monday, 20:00 - St Peter's College

Welcome Back: Play games, drink tea and coffee, eat cake and talk about what everyone got up to over Christmas. A nice relaxing start to the term.

2nd Week

Monday, 20:00 - St Hugh's

Ultimate TV Gameshow: You've seen them on TV, now try them yourselves. Compete to win the prize in this fusion of TV gameshows.

3rd Week

Monday, 20:00 - Christ Church Gates

Aunt Sally: A game of skill, dexterity and cunning or a good excuse to go to a pub. You de- cide (although I'm siding with the latter)

4th Week

Monday, 18:00 - To Be Confirmed

Safari Supper: You won't need your rifle or lion repellent, just the ability to get to the house where the next course of the meal is being served.

5th Week

Monday, 19:50 - Wadham College

Singing: Have you ever felt that your poor singing embarrasses you when round the campfire? Well here's your chance to learn how to do it properly.

6th Week

Monday, 20:00 - Maddy's House

Erik's 30th Pancake Party: Believed by many to be Erik's 30th, this promises to be a night to remember. So help this aged panda celebrate his birthday in style and eat pancakes.

7th Week

Monday, 19:00 - To Be Confirmed

Salsa: Ever wanted to live la vida loca? Heard from somewhere that there's latin spirit inside everyone? Try Salsa dancing and find out.

8th Week

Monday, 18:00 - To Be Confirmed

TGM and Termly Dinner: Discuss what's been happening in OUSGG, volunteer to run the society single handedly in the elections and celebrate with a meal. Who could ask for more.

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